In 2012, the Gallup organization conducted a national poll asking hundreds of thousands of households the question:   “Have there been times in the past twelve months when you did not have enough money to buy food that you or your family needed?” 17.1% of households in New Jersey responded “yes”.

Elijah’s Promise is committed to advocating for policies that promote food security and nutrition for all people. Help us raise awareness about the reality of hunger in our community! Advocate for the changes that help people meet their most basic needs and address the many factors that contribute to food insecurity.

Advocacy means raising your voice, raising awareness and working for change. There are many ways you can get involved in efforts to end hunger:

Get Informed:

Learn more about hunger and poverty.  Visit the World Hunger Year Food Security Learning Center and the Poverty Research Institute of Legal Services of New Jersey.

Take action:

Locally: Become a member of the New Brunswick Community Food Alliance and work with our community to build a just and sustainable food system in New Brunswick.

Statewide:  Keep up with the latest efforts of the New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition and the Anti-Poverty Network of N.J.

Nationally: For the latest policy and legislative action alerts, check out the Food Research and Action Center.