Community Soup Kitchen

18 Neilson St., New Brunswick NJ — Come to this address if you are volunteering at the soup kitchen, dropping off a donation of fresh food or canned goods, clothing for Clothesline, or meeting with one of our staff at 18 Neilson St. (Phone: 732-545-9002 | Fax: 732-545-1996.)

Administrative Office, Promise Culinary School, Promise Catering

211 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick NJ — Come to this location for the culinary school, Meals on Wheels distribution, or to meet with one of our staff at 211 Livingston. (Phone: 732-545-9002 | Fax: 732-246-1138.)

A Better World Cafe

19 S 2nd Ave, Highland Park NJ — Come to this location to eat, check out, or serve at A Better World Cafe. For questions about parking, hours, or the menu, check out the frequently asked questions section of the Better World Cafe website.


90 Jersey Ave, New Brunswick NJ — Located in the back of the PRAB warehouse, come to Clothesline if you are volunteering, dropping off a donation, or in need of gently used clothes. Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 am to 12 pm.